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Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis (eventually permanent)
The modern name for this procedure is electrology, as electrolysis per se is a little-used direct-current technique which requires 3-5 minutes per hair and is now done only with multiple-needle machines. Thermolysis uses heat to disable the hair follicle, and the Blend technique is a combination of the two, using both heat and chemical decomposition. The object of it all is to prevent the hair follicle from being able to grow a new hair.

To do this, a small wire probe or needle is inserted into the follicle alongside the existing hair, and the electric current, which activates at the tip of the probe, kills the dermal papilla, the source of the germination of the hair.

When the procedure is properly done, the papilla is destroyed about (that means sort of, more or less) 2/3 of the time, and the "about" one-third which grows back will have to be treated again. Also, hair grows in cycles, so that what you see on your skin today is only a fraction of the hairs which inhabit the area. The others are just in their dormant phase or are growing but haven't arrived at the surface yet. So, if you have electrolysis done on your chin today, any hairs which appear within the next 5-6 weeks are not the same hairs but different ones which were not showing at the time of the initial clearing of the area. This may seem discouraging, but if you persist over several months, the results are well worth the discomfort and expense.

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