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Waxing (temporary)
In waxing, a wax or waxlike product (lukewarm, warm, or hot, depending on the type) is spread on the area to be waxed, in a thin layer, in the direction of the hair growth.

Typically, a cotton or pellon strip is pressed onto the wax, and this strip is pulled firmly back in the other direction, along with the wax and the hair, to which it has bonded. With "hard wax," the wax is spread more thickly, and a cotton strip is not needed, the operator gripping the edge of the wax itself.

This procedure is not without discomfort, but after the first waxing of the area, the discomfort is usually minimal, because in subsequent waxings (every month or so), the hair is (temporarily) wispier and less plentiful.

It seems that ambisexual hair (not hormonally induced), can be discouraged from growing back by repeated waxing. Hormonal hair (on women's lip, chin, sideburns, chest) seems to grow back stronger. There are anecdotal reports both ways in this question.

Waxing cannot be done on the face of someone using Retin-A, Renova, Differin or Accutane, as these thin the skin and it may tear when the wax strip is pulled off.

Consumer quality waxing supplies are available in drug stores and beauty supply outlets.

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