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Jan Marini Eye products


Jan Marini line of eye products are designed to address a number of issues to include the appearance of under-eye circles, texture and hydration with the Transformation eye cream includes peptides to visibly improve texture and hydration around the delicate eye area. The C-Esta product will deliver high concentration of Vitamin C combined with DMAE to provide tighter and firmer eye contour.

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Jan Marini Age Intervention Dark Circle Eye Defense
Jan Marini Age Intervention Dark Circle Eye Defense - 60 Capsules
Our Price: $88.00

Age Intervention Dark Circle Eye Defense- is a new generation of dark circle products and is an advancement from older Vitamin K products. It works to reduce the appearance of under eye circles and wrinkles through technologies directly targeted toward each of the primary causes. There are 5 primary causes: Blood leakage, Iron discoloration, Inflammation, Thin & fragile skin and Pigmentation.

Jan Marini - Age Intervention Eye Cream .5 Oz.
Our Price: $66.00

Age Interventiion Eye Cream - Creates an ultra smooth eye contour.
C-Esta Eye Repair Concentrate
Jan Marini C-Esta Eye Repair Concentrate - .5 Oz Pump
Our Price: $62.00

Jan Marini Skin Research C-ESTA Eye Repair Concentrate
05 Oz. Pump

C-ESTA Eye Repair Concentrate containing DAE Complex rejuvenates the thinner wrinkle prone eye area and minimizes further signs of aging. This intensive formula counteracts many visible aging changes by promoting a tighter, firmer more resilient eye area.

  • Provides visible improvements from the first application
  • Encourages collagen production
  • Contains higher concentrations of lipid soluble Vitamin C and other topical agents
  • Creates optimal conditions for exceptional skin rejuvenation

Skin Types: All

Marini Luminate Eye Gel
Jan Marini - Marini Luminate Eye Gel 0.5 Oz.
Our Price: $93.00

New - Marini Luminate Eye Gel
Transformation Eye Cream
Jan Marini Transformation Eye Cream (TGF) - .5 Oz
Our Price: $60.00

Transformation Eye Cream (TGF)
05 Oz Jar

Transformation Eye Cream targets the thinner, more age-prone eye area to dramatically lessen the visible signs of aging. This is a highly emollient formula that provides unique lubrication and hydrating factors that bond to the area surrounding the eyes. This bonding action enables the thinner eye area skin to resist creasing and to visibly improve eyelid skin texture.

  • Timed release, micronized delivery system
  • Compatible with glycolic acid products, Retin-A™ and makeup
  • Contains TGF Beta-1, Thymosin Beta-4, Pentapeptides GM

Benzoyl peroxide is a potent and effective therapy for treating acne. Benzoyl peroxide is currently recognized by the American Academy of Dermatology as one of the most effective antibacterial agents proven to significantly reduce the presence of P acne bacteria (the bacteria believed to play a primary role in the inflammatory aspect of the acne process).

P acne bacteria thrives in an oxygen-free environment and feeds on trapped oil in the sebaceous follicle. It then releases a toxic, corrosive fatty acid by-product that works to break down the follicle walls and encourage the leaks and ruptures that produce acne lesions. By reducing the P acne bacteria colonies, the inflammatory process is minimized and clearing of acne lesions is greatly enhanced.