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Cellex-C Sun Care
Sun protection from the anti-aging experts. Two-in-one protection zinc oxide. Cellex-C Sun Care products are true sun defense creams. They contain broad spectrum UVA, the primary rays responsible for photo-aging, and UVB filters plus natural physical sunscreens, to block the full, spectrum of rays. Ideal for all skin types and suitable for daily use on face, neck, hands and body.
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Cellex-C Moisturizing Face Block SPF30 Plus
Cellex-C Moisturizing Face Block SPF30 + - 3.3 Oz Tube
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Cellex-C Moisturizing Face Block SPF30 + - 3.3 Oz Tube
This high SPF technically provides you with 30+ times your natural protection. This means if you usually begin to show a response to sun exposure in 15 minutes, SPF 30+ will allow you to stay up to eight hours, under normal sun conditions, before seeing a response to sun exposure. The damage to the skin, after 15 minutes of sun exposure, should therefore be limited to at least 1/30 of the total damage that would normally occur on unprotected skin.
100 ml / 3.3 Oz. Tube with filp-top
Skin Types / Conditions: Burns easily; requires maximum protection.