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Top of the Line Moisturizing Body Products

While it's important to put your best face forward, you shouldn't neglect the skin elsewhere on your body. Lavandou Skincare offers a complete lineup of high-quality body products that help you improve and maintain the appearance of the skin all over your body. From cleansing bars to self-tanning lotions, our selection includes products by some of today's most respected brands, and our prices couldn't be more competitive.

With body skincare products by brands like Sothys and Avene, it's easy to see why Lavandou Skincare is the go-to source for first-rate lotions, cleansers and other products. If you have dry, cracked hands and nails, you'll find creams that will go right to work on correcting the problem. If you'd like to restore and maintain the pH balance of your skin, you'll find cleansing bars that are safe and gentle enough to use every day. Regardless of your body skincare needs, Lavandou Skincare has you covered.

Our lineup of body skincare products includes creams that can tackle conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Lightweight, non-greasy formulas ensure that you can use these products every day without any problems. Our finest products are hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic, which means that they won't irritate the skin or clog pores. You can use these products with confidence, and our everyday low prices mean that you never have to spend a fortune!

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Sothys Creme Mains / Aroma Relax Protective Hand Creme
Sothys Creme Mains / Aroma Relax Protective Hand Creme 2.5 Oz.
Our Price: $16.00

Sothys Crème Mains / Aroma Relax Protective Hand Crème - 2.5 Oz
Energizing Shower Gel
Sothys Aroma-Sothys Energizing Shower Gel, 6.76 oz
Our Price: $25.00

Sothys Aroma-Sothys Energizing Shower, 6.76 oz

Sothys - Eau Thermale Spa - Softening Body Gel
Sothys Eau Thermale Spa - Softening Body Gel - 5.07 Oz.
Our Price: $28.00

Sothys - Eau Thermale Spa - Softening Body Gel - 5.07 Oz.
Our Price: $29.95

Heal Spider Veins, Bruises, Burns and Scars, Eczema and Psoriasis At last there is an easier way to make ugly spider veins disappear... without painful shots or lasers... without the side effects of expensive surgery. Formerly available only from dermatologists and plastic surgeons, this professional strength, 5% USP-grade vitamin K cream is applied twice daily. See spider veins disappear... and stay away! Dermal-K is also great for healing bruised, sunburned or damaged skin and fading scars.

Dermal K clarifying cream can:
● Eliminate spider veins without surgery.
● Heal Bruises, burns & reduce scarring.
● Lighten dark under-eye & reduce skin redness.
● Improve overall skin complexion, health & clarifying.
Organic - Beauty Garden Body Lotion
Sothys Organic - Beauty Garden Body Lotion - 5.07 oz
Our Price: $36.00

Sothys - Organic Beauty Garden  Body Lotion with Cherry Bud & Lavender
Yonka LAIT CORPS  silkening/hydrating lotion
Yonka LAIT CORPS silkening/hydrating lotion - 6.7 Oz
Our Price: $44.00

YonKa Lait Corps - Hydrating Softening Body Lotion: Prevents premature aging and leaves skin feeling smooth and velvety.
Bioglycolic Resurfacing Body Scrub
Jan Marini Bioglycolic Resurfacing Body Scrub - 8 Oz
Our Price: $45.00

Bioglycolic Resurfacing Body Scrub
8 Oz. Pump

Bioglycolic Resurfacing Body Scrub offers superb retexturizing for all body skin types and especially for skin that is dry or environmentally damaged. Glycolic acid and polished granules combine to provide an aggressive but safe approach for reaching a noticeably improved level of body skin rejuvenation. This formulation immediately improves roughened or calloused areas while enhancing overall smoothness and tone.

  • Immediately and dramatically retexturizes, smooths, and softens body skin
  • Includes moisturizing and soothing botanical extracts and a delightful aroma therapy fragrance
  • Benefits will increase with continued use

Skin Type: All

Bioglycolic Hand & Body Lotion
Jan Marini Bioglycolic Hand & Body Lotion - 4 Oz. with Glycolic
Our Price: $45.00

Jan Marini Bioglycolic Hand & Body Lotion
4 Oz. Tube

Bioglycolic Hand and Body Lotion dramatically improves the appearance of aging and environmentally damaged skin, and beautifully resurfaces skin texture while revitalizing the supple smooth quality of young healthy skin. Scientifically researched technology has produced a revolutionary formula that improves body skin with visible results.

  • Resurfaces skin texture
  • Encourages the supple smooth quality of young healthy skin
  • Contains no mineral oil
  • Uses the technology of lipolysis to assist in mobilizing fat that contributes to contour irregularities
  • Provides antioxidant and connective tissue repair 

Skin Types:  ALL

Yonka AUTOBRONZANT self tanner
Yonka AUTOBRONZANT self tanner - 5.0 Oz
Our Price: $50.00

YonKa Auto Bronzant - Face And Body: Produces a sunless tan in 3 to 4 hours, while enhancing your natural tan.
Yonka PHYTO BAIN   invigorating bath oil
Yonka PHYTO BAIN invigorating bath oil - 3.3 Oz
Our Price: $53.00

YonKa Phyto-Bain: Invigorates, refreshes and promotes a sense of ''well-being.''

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