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YonKa Anti-Aging Technology

Keep wrinkles away while also boosting your wellbeing with exclusively formulated skincare products from YonKa Paris. Made with aromatic phytochemicals and innovative natural ingredients, the extensive selection of skincare serums, lotions and creams can provide the full range of benefits from age prevention to correction. Over the past several decades YonKa anti-aging creams have emerged as leading beauty products, and YonKa’s phyto-aromatic treatments have become highly sought after by consumers and skincare professionals across the world.

Brighten your skin, moisturize it to a smooth, velvety glow and protect it from harsh environmental pollutants with YonKa Pamplemousse PG for combination or oily skin types. YonKa Elastine Jour Nourishing Firmer and YonKa Elastine Nuit Nourishing Firmer, patented with a unique biotechnological complex, can help hydrate your skin and fight all the signs of aging through the day and night. YonKa Fruitelia PG Cell Renewal is available for two different skin types, oily to normal and dry to sensitive. The revitalizing cream can gently refine skin while imparting a radiant and smooth complexion with its unique plumping agents, irritation-free exfoliators and remarkable cell renewal process. YonKa Alpha Complex retexturizing phyto-fruit gel is a powerful skin firming cream that contains natural fruit acids to provide gentle exfoliation and deep hydration while reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Keep age at bay with the popular YonKa Stimulastine Nuit, an exclusive night wrinkle cream, with dill extracts, designed to provide magnificent and lasting results. YonKa Stimulastine Jour is an all-day wrinkle cream, ideal for nourishing and hydrating all skin types while fighting harmful free radicals. YonKa Serum Vital is the ultimate anti-aging remedy for skin has been subjected to the rigors of excessive sun exposure, fatigue, dryness, emotional stress and more. Made with fine botanical extracts, the powerful serum can combat dryness and wrinkles while revealing a healthier and youthful complexion underneath.

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Yonka PAMPLEMOUSSE PG - combination/oily
Yonka PAMPLEMOUSSE PG - combination/oily - 1.7 Oz
Our Price: $57.00

YonKa Pamplemousse - Normal To Oily Skin: This lightweight formula moisturizes, brightens and refreshes your complexion.
ELASTINE JOUR  nourishing-firmer1
Yonka ELASTINE JOUR nourishing-firmer - 1.7 Oz
Our Price: $69.00

YonKa Elastine Jour: A daily rejuvenation cream for velvety smooth skin. Fights fine lines and wrinkles.
Yonka ELASTINE NUIT nourishing-firmer cream
Yonka ELASTINE NUIT nourishing-firmer cream - 1.7 Oz
Our Price: $69.00

YonKa Elastine Nuit - Hydrating Treatment Cream: This nutrient-rich cream combats the causes, not just the effects, of dryness.
ALPHA COMPLEX  retexturizing gel
Yonka ALPHA COMPLEX retexturizing gel - 1.01 Oz
Our Price: $79.00

YonKa Alpha Complex Phyto-Fruit Gel: An intensive exfoliation and retexturizing night-time preparation.
FRUITELIA  PG cell renewal  norm-oily
Yonka FRUITELIA PG cell renewal / norm-oily - 1.7 Oz
Our Price: $79.00

YonKa Fruitelia - Normal or Oily Skin: Moisturizer, balances and refines the skin.
Yonka FRUITELIA  PS cell renewal / dry-sensitive
Yonka FRUITELIA PS cell renewal / dry-sensitive - 1.7 Oz
Our Price: $79.00

YonKa Fruitelia - Dry Or Sensitive Skin: A Time-Defense day base moisturizer and balancing cream to refine the skin.
Yonka Serum Vital
Yonka Serum Vital - 1.01 Oz.
Our Price: $102.00

YonKa Serum Vital Revitalizing Concenntrate - 1.01 Oz
Yonka STIMULASTINE NUIT - Deep Wrinkle Solutions
List Price: $110.00
Our Price: $112.00

YonKa Stimulastine Nuit - A lightweight night wrinkle cream for all skin tyhpes.
Revitalizes your skin while you sleep to maintain a yourthful glow without the appearance of lines and deep wrinkles. Stimulastine Nuit hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin with dill extract while protecting against free-radical damage. Skin is tightened and toned with cypress oil giving you a visible improvement in elasticity.
Yonka STIMULASTINE Jour - Deep Wrinkle Solutions
Yonka STIMULASTINE Jour - 1.67 Oz
List Price: $110.00
Our Price: $112.00

YonKa Stimulastine Jour - A day wrinkle treatment cream for aging skin. For all skin tyhpes.

 Restores the skin's vitality to reduce the signs of aging. Stimulastine Jour hydrates, nourishes and protects with shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E to protect while helping improve elasticity.  
Yonka Cellular Code - for mature skin
Yonka Cellular Code - 1.01 Fl Oz.
Our Price: $135.00

Yonka Cellular Code the newest technology from Yonka Paris: this smart serum, helps improve the skin’s natural ability to regenerate itself in order to regain new energy.