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YonKa Professional Skin Care Products

We are a skincare institute offering YON-KA products professionally for resale exclusively in the United States.

Esthetician - Sonja Radford, Lavandou Skincare
104 Kinsale Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
(919) 401-4747 by appointment

Yon-Ka® is the specialist and pioneer of personalized Aroma-Therapeutic Care. Yon-Ka® draws from essential oils, fruit and plant extracts and marine active ingredients a treasure of benefits that hold the secret to products with spectacular results. Today over 130 plants from all over the world are used in the composition of the Yon-Ka® products. Yon-Ka® professional spa treatments provide a visual response to the specific needs of each individual and to restore the skin’s vital energy and balance.

How to Get Sagging Skin Back in shape!

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Lavandou Facial Sponge - Twin Pack
Our Price: $3.95

Facial Sponge - Twin Pack - 3" wide x1/2" thick sponges made of the highest quality vegetaal base cellulose sponge. A great product to use with your favoite facial cleanser to cleanse and exfoliate
Yonka QUINTESSENCE Aromatic Candle
Yonka QUINTESSENCE Aromatic Candle (1)
Our Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $12.00

YonKa Huile Corps - Revitalizing Body Oil: This lotion improves the shape and sheen of body contours.
Yonka - Exfoliating Facial Brush
Yonka - Exfoliating Facial Brush
Our Price: $15.00

YonKa of Paris Exfoliating Facial Brush
Yonka GEL NETTOYANT Travel Size
Yonka GEL NETTOYANT Travel Size - 1.7 Oz
Our Price: $19.00

YonKa Gel Nettoyant - Cleansing Gel And Makeup Remover: Provides an overall feeling of comfort and cleanliness without irritation.
Yonka Travel Size - LOTION PG - Normal/Oily
Yonka Travel Size - LOTION PG - 1.7 Oz Normal/Oily
Our Price: $19.00

YonKa Lotion - Normal To Oily Skin: Balances the skin's level of moisture and oil while tightening the pores.
LAIT NETTOYANT Travel Size - 1.7 Oz
Yonka LAIT NETTOYANT Travel Size - 1.7 Oz
Our Price: $19.00

YonKa Lait Nettoyant - Cleansing Milk and Eye Makeup Remover: Cleans the skin sumptuously with a luxurious sensation of comfort.
Yonka Travel Size - LOTION PS - normal/Dry
Yonka Travel Size - LOTION PS 1.7 Oz. - normal/Dry
Our Price: $19.00

YonKa Lotion - Normal To Dry Skin: An aromatic toner that balances moisture while tightening pores and prepping skin.
Yonka Men - PURIFY - Foam Gel Cleanser
Yonka Men - PURIFY - Foam Gel Cleanser - 3.4 Oz
Our Price: $30.00

YonKa Foam Gel: A non-drying, foaming cleanser for complete purification.
YonKa Men - PURIFY - Barber Shave
YonKa Men - PURIFY - Barber Shave - 3.5 Oz.
Our Price: $31.00

YonKa Barber Shave: A richly foaming shaving cream for a comfortable, close shave.
YonKa Men - PURIFY - Foam Scrub
YonKa Men - PURIFY - Foam Scrub (1.7 oz.)
Our Price: $33.00

YonKa Foam Scrub: A deeply cleansing, foaming scrub for a refined complexion.

Revolutionary Skincare by YonKa Paris

YonKa Paris is a company that prides itself on its natural approach. Founded near Paris in 1954 by botanists Charles and Ernest Muhlethaler, the company got its start by perfecting a new process for stabilizing essential oils in water to form a usable emulsion. They chose name YonKa by making a combination of Yon, a fast-flowing river of purifying water, and Ka, the mythological Egyptian principle of regeneration.

YonKa Skincare's cruelty-free product line is unique in that they are based primarily on aromatherapy and phytotherapy with the goal of providing skin with the maximum benefits of plant and marine extracts. Most products are composed of at least 90 per cent naturally-derived ingredients, and many feature YonKa's signature Quintessence formula, which combines 5 synergistic essential oils to reduce inflammation and to tone and rejuvenate skin.

With a wide range of personalized treatments for varying skin types (including a line formulated specifically for men), YonKa is especially well-known for their age correction and hydrating treatments, which utilize alpha hydroxy acids from fruit to eliminate dead skin cells and promote cell regeneration in order to make skin look fresher and more youthful. Their cleansers are also popular for their gentleness, which leaves skin feeling clean and fresh but not dry or tight. All of their products have the goal of correcting skin imbalances gently and efficiently.