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YonKa Professional Skin Care Product Kits

Skin care regimens can be complex, but Yonka makes beautifully healthy skin simple. Solve every skin need with complete Yonka skincare kits that contain products customized for breakout control, anti-aging, hydration and overall vitality. These beauty product kits are an exciting way to start a new skin care regimen or try a range of dermatologist-tested products to find the ideal combination for total skin health.

Each of Yonka's kits addresses a different skin need. Choose the Skin Vitality kit to balance combination skin, treat oily skin and enhance normal skin's natural radiance. Acne-prone skin may need more intensive treatment, which is why Yonka offers an oil-free Breakout Control program that soothes and clarifies. For dry, tight or irritated skin, the Skin Hydration kit restores welcome moisture and sparks the glow of health in tired complexions. Mature skin gets a lift from the Anti-Aging care program that includes a concentrated serum, anti-wrinkle cream and a firming gel lift.

Try Yonka introductory kits and find the ideal combination of products to achieve radiant results.

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Yonka Starter kit - 3 step Breakout control program
Yonka Starter kit - 3 step Breakout control program
List Price: $53.95
Our Price: $53.95



Complete program for purifying and clarifying the skin, while preserving its inner balance.

  1. CREME PG purifying, mattifying, protective day cream 
  2. JUVENIL soothing, purifying concentrate
  3. CREME 15 purifying, soothing beauty specific care cream.
CREME PG Net. wt.0.50.oz. + JUVENIL net.0.51.fl.oz.+ CREME 15 net wt.0.52.oz.

yonka introductory kit
Yonka Starter kit - 3 step Hydration program
List Price: $49.95
Our Price: $49.95

Yonka expert home regimen : 3 quick & easy “must-do's” to ensure immediate suppleness, comfort and a softer skin touch to the driest skins.

  1. Lait Net cleansing milk make-up remover face and eyes
  2. Yonka Lotion PS refreshing, invigorating mist to neutralize your skin's PH
  3. Creme 28 protective, hydrating cream

LAIT NETTOYANT Net. 2.53 fl.oz. + LOTION PS Net. 1.69.fl.oz. + CREME 28 Net wt. 0.54.oz.